This program consists of everyday people who are dedicated to improving their health and overall fitness. Our classes are unique because the workouts are tailored to the fitness levels of the participants. Any movement can be changed at any time for anybody. Get stronger, enhance mobility, refine technique, and change your life!



This program is structured, sport-specific, and seamlessly integrates core and strength training, gymnastics movements, explosive activity, and mobility-based support. Everything we do focuses on midline stabilization and working from the inside out (core-to-extremity movement). Overall, our goal is to maximize your human and athletic potential.



Welcome to Soaring Ledge in Holland, Michigan, located just 4 blocks from downtown. Soaring Ledge, the only climbing gym on the lakeshore, offers over 1000 sq. ft. of climbing surface, with 16 ft. bouldering walls protected by a state-of-the-art padded flooring system. Our top-out style walls simulate the excitement of outdoor bouldering in a more controlled environment.



Bouldering is a style of climbing that does not use ropes or harnesses, so no technical experience or training is needed to get started. It provides an active and social community environment and a great way to get started climbing. At Soaring Ledge, we use a constantly varied approach to route setting that challenges beginners and advanced climbers alike.


Soaring Ledge is a great location for group events. Come for birthday parties, field trips, lock-ins, scouting events and corporate team building events or outings. We also host a variety of camps and programs including summer camps and winter and spring break camps as well as after-school climbing clubs for kids 3-17.


We offer a variety of routes and problems for all levels as well as climbing lessons and clinics to meet the needs of beginners to experienced climbers. Stop in today and see what makes Soaring Ledge one of West Michigan’s best places to climb!


CrossFit Soaring Ledge is a great spot for a celebration or gathering! Whether it’s a birthday party, school field trip, scout outing, or an office, college, or church event, your time climbing at CrossFit Soaring Ledge is sure to be a hit. Kids and adults alike enjoy climbing and no experience is necessary. We will schedule your group so you have plenty of time on the wall and a space all to yourselves! If you have questions or would like to book an event, contact us using the form below.



  • Private climbing time: We schedule parties so you have the climbing wall to yourselves with a range of climbs suited for all ages and ability levels – we recommend a minimum age of six for a climbing birthday party.
  • Two Hours of Climbing: CrossFit Soaring Ledge’s climbing staff will be with your group the whole time, so participants get to climb to their hearts content! The climbing staff are responsible for all climbing related activities, so no experience is necessary.
  • Equipment: All necessary climbing equipment is included.
  • Tables and Chairs: Groups are free to bring their own food, drink, and serving supplies. CrossFit Soaring Ledge will provide tables and chairs to serve refreshments buffet style in the climbing area. Having pizzas delivered is a popular option- just make sure you schedule them for delivery in the first half of your program.


  • 1-5 climbers: $20 per climber
  • 6-20 climbers: $15 per climber
  • 21+ climbers: $12 per climber

*Prices are for bouldering style climbing. Add $5 per climber for top rope climbing.

A One-Two Punch of Awesome Fitness

CrossFit Soaring Ledge offers both a CrossFit and Rock Climbing gym!