Couch 2 CrossFit

Couch 2 CrossFit is coming to CrossFit Soaring Ledge in January.

Our staff and community are extremely excited to have you join us as we Prepare for Life.

  • You will gain better fitness and health through our coaching and training program.
  • You will find a new community of friends in Holland by working together toward your goals.
  • Your coaches will guide you along the way as you build camaraderie during training.

Couch 2 CrossFit begins January 8th

6 weeks of professional coaching for only $139.

Monday and  Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm, plus optional weekend classes.

We emphasize a high quality of training through encouragement, accountability, creativity and laughter.  With our personal approach, we have built a strong community of physically fit, successful individuals.

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