Looking for a place to get fit without the meathead competitiveness that makes your head explode? Then come on over to CrossFit Soaring Ledge. We are truly non-competitive and welcome the everyday person – YOU!

Our training goals are simple – we want to prepare you to live a better everyday life. Maybe you don’t think about how much easier your days would be with more strength, more endurance, and more confidence. But they will! From pushing a shopping cart to playing with your kids to sleeping better and having more energy – you’ll be AMAZED at what better overall fitness will do for your day-to-day quality of life. (Not to mention how your clothes fit.)



Fostering optimal health and fitness in the Holland community through coaching and camaraderie.

Start your journey to health at CrossFit Soaring Ledge. You will reduce stress, feel better, look better and be healthier.

Connect with our coaches and community to set your personal fitness goals with guidance and confidence toward your journey to health.

Our program is not a quick-fix challenge. It is about achieving long term health and improving quality of life for everyone.



I live less than 2 miles from CrossFit Soaring Ledge and often would wonder about the box as I drove by. I had heard that this box was more endurance based with longer workouts, and that was something I was really interested in. I decided to try it out and really enjoyed the people, the size of classes, and the laid back atmosphere.


It’s been a little over a year since I started working out at CrossFit Soaring Ledge and it’s been a huge blessing. I’ve found the structure and accountability of the gym just what I needed to push myself back into physical health and to place physical health as a priority in my life.


From the very first time I met with the Eddie and the other staff members I could tell that there was something special about the environment at CrossFit Soaring Ledge. The best way I could describe the gym and the people who are members is that they create an atmosphere where someone can come in at any level of physical fitness and be welcomed and encouraged.


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A One-Two Punch of Awesome Fitness

CrossFit Soaring Ledge offers both a CrossFit and Rock Climbing gym!