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At CrossFit Soaring Ledge, our coaches strive to make a personal connection with each member. We genuinely care about your progress, and will consistently push you to succeed. We believe athletes should be both educated and inspired. It's that unwavering commitment that makes us stand out -- in the good way!

  • Eddie Kline


    Eddie believes in putting his CrossFit skills to work. Over the years, his endurance training has helped him compete in long distance running, including the 2012 Boston Marathon. He trained on his own for three years, then started teaching bootcamps and running local gyms to gain coaching experience. Later, he decided to open his own affiliate and CrossFit Soaring Ledge was born.

    Over the years, Eddie has worn many hats. He’s not just a coach or a business owner, he’s also a college graduate (B.S. in Exercise Science) and an Army Ranger Veteran. Through his own personal and professional experiences, he knows you can do anything you set your mind to. That’s why he loves connecting with members and teaching them skills that can change their lives for the better.


    • CrossFit Endurance
    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Cassie Rubley


    Coach Cassie Rubley has always had a competitive streak. Competing in gymnastics as a child and in cheerleading in high school, Cassie always knew the rush of fitness competition wasn’t just good for her body, but her mind, too. So when she discovered CrossFit four years ago, it wasn’t long before she wanted to share its gifts for friendly competition with others.
    “In very little time, CrossFit changed my life, and I want to share that,” she says. “I was interested in becoming a coach in part because I was able to understand and perform new movements quickly, particularly gymnastics. I was intrigued how movements got modified and scaled, making it ideal for all people.”


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Gymnastics
    • MSOT Masters Occupational Therapy - Davenport University
  • Abbie Harlow


    Growing up, Abbie stayed busy with recreational sports and competitions. Some of her favorites included running, ultimate Frisbee, skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, and swimming. After suffering a knee injury in 2015, she slowly began incorporating CrossFit into her rehab routine. “I had to scale almost everything because of my knee, but after less than six months, I began to see huge improvements in my mobility and strength.”

    The workouts sparked something in Abbie, and she wanted to share it with others. She started interning at Soaring Ledge and began her journey to become a CrossFit coach. She loves helping people push through their limitations and improve in ways they never thought possible.


    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Virginia Beard


    Like Eddie, Virginia has an extensive background in long distance running. She’s competed in over a dozen marathons including Boston’s 2011, 2013, and 2014. “I run because it has come to represent life for me. The ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, fears and hopes.” In 2012, she was introduced to CrossFit training and has never looked back!

    “The combination of long distance running with CrossFit is a sweet spot for me as an athlete – the variety, the different challenges, and the array of people with whom I get to work is exhilarating!” Virginia isn’t just passionate about fitness, she’s passionate about fitness for ALL. She believes everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves. With hard work and great coaching, it can happen.


    • RRCA Running Coach, 2014
  • Josh Bochniak

    Climbing Programs Director

    Over the years, Josh has participated in soccer, running, skiing, and climbing with the latter being the most consistent. “I have competed regionally as a climber, but my most notable accomplishments have taken place in the Western United States. I am most proud of tackling the 700-foot Levitation 29 (5.11 c) mixed climb in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.”

    As our Climbing Programs Director, Josh has 15 years of teaching experience under his belt. “I specialize in rock climbing instruction, specifically climbing movement and technique, as well as more advanced climbing skills and strength development.” He’s passionate about the outdoors, challenging himself and others in the natural world.


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